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Essential Oils

I have been into natural lifestyles and clean eating for a while and I kept hearing about essential oils, but for some reason, I never really investigated or tried them beyond buying a couple at the health food store to make my house smell good. Then one day a fellow health coach of mine started sharing her story with me about how these beautiful oils were changing her life and helping her support her body and her family’s bodies. My curiosity was peaked, so I started to learn more about them. I realized that the bottles I could pick up at the store were mostly synthetic and therefore not therapeutic grade which means they are not all-natural and will not have a therapeutic effect on the body or mind. I decided to to order some oils and try them for myself. I was so excited when these bottles of aromatic bliss arrived at my door! I started to use them for everything- helping me balance my moods and handle stress, supporting my immune system, improving my digestion, supporting my body’s hormone balance, headache relief, improving my sleep, increasing my energy and my ability to focus, wound care and skin care, and of course to make my house smell good!   After a while, I even started to use them to make my own cleaning supplies free of all those dangerous toxins in most cleaning supplies you can get at the store! I am telling you these oils are powerful. I have used the essential oils and other doTERRA products to support my body, mind and spirit through my autoimmune issues, digestive ailments, thyroid issues and adrenal fatigue, mood swings, high stress life challenges and everyday ups and downs and aches and pains. One of my greatest joys is sharing these oils with others and knowing that they now have all natural solutions in their home and medicine cabinet for themselves and their families. Please click HERE to schedule an essential oil strategy session with me so that we can talk about how these oils can help support you and your family’s health.




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