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Achieve Your Goals by Starting with Your Big Vision

Goals should be stepping stones”that will bring you closer to your big vision. Setting and achieving goals is not a “me-too” thing, in which you see others set certain goals (e.g. lose 20 pounds) and you try to do the same.

Your big vision is what pulls you through when things get challenging. The goals, big or small, should be the steps that will help you achieve your big vision.

Your goals should be more than physical or material achievement. What emotions do you want to achieve by losing 10 pounds? Do you want to feel sexy again? Do you want to feel like you fit in? Try to achieve those emotions, and the physical manifestation will follow.

When you focus on how you want to feel, you let go of the material manifestation. You won’t get hung up on the last 2 pounds, if you are already feeling fabulous.

With that big vision also comes your “Big Why”. Why do you want to achieve your goal? Dig deeper than your initial answer. Your initial response to why you want to lose 10 pounds may be to look good in your clothes. Don’t stop there… ask, then what? Then, maybe you will feel confident about yourself. You will change your life because you feel empowered to step up and do the thing that you have been wanting to do and live to your fullest potential! This will be the big reason to pull you forward when you feel unmotivated. This will be the big reason to get you back on track when you fall off the wagon.

When you write down your goals, make sure they are stated in the positive. The subconscious mind does not understand “negative” – so if you say, “I don’t want to feel tired” your subconscious mind only focuses on “tired” – and you will stay being tired. Instead, say “I am energetic and productive,” then your subconscious mind will get on board to help you achieve a more energetic life!

Your action item: Journal about what feelings and emotions you want to have through achieving your goals. Create a “Big Why” statement to keep handy whenever your feel stuck or fall off the wagon.

You Want It? Weight Loss, More Energy? Make It Happen!

Two friends are chatting about their diets. The first one says, “I want to be healthy and feel great.” The second one says, “I intend to be healthy and feel great.” Which one do you think is going to get healthy and feel great? Yep – the one who intends it. Wanting is simply wishingContinue Reading

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